University of Makati Admission Requirements and Enrollment Procedure

Reference: UMak Student Handbook Article II

The University through the Center for Admission and Scholarship in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Community Development is responsible for the development and strategy to attract the best and deserving young Makatizens to partake of UMak’s quality education through its various academic programs. Herein stated are the policies and procedures on admission and enrollment for incoming students.


This process defines the policies and procedures student-applicants undergo when applying for admission to College.

1.1   For College Admission, the following may be admitted:

1.1.1   Graduates of Senior High School

1.1.2  Passers of Alternative Learning System (ALS)

  1. Students who passed the ALS Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test and are eligible to transfer to college as indicated in the ALS Certificate of Rating.

1.1.3  Transferees

  1. Students with Senior High School diploma
  2. Students who have entered college prior to the full implementation of the senior high school program must have completed at least  two  (2)  years  or  four (4) semesters in college with the following requirements:
  • Has met the General Weighted Average (GWA) and other requirements of the College;
  • Has no failing grades equivalent to nine (9) units;
  • Has no accumulated Unofficially Dropped (UD) courses for a total of nine (9) units in one semester or fifteen (15) units from the previous school upon application.

1.1.4  Second Coursers

Students who have completed a degree/program and wishes to pursue another degree in the University and has met the grade requirements of the college.

1.2  Criteria for Classification as Makati Resident

The University of Makati prioritizes Makati residents during         admission. Thus, residency verification is applied for by a            student-applicant to determine the amount of token fee to be paid during enrollment. Consequently, a Residency Verification Form (RVF) from the University of Makati Accounting Office shall be    accomplished by student-applicants upon registration to the       College Qualifying Examination.